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Dickie Rock and the Spotlight Showband Years

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Date: Thursday, 23rd March, 2017
Time: 8pm
Tickets: €33.50, €31 & €28.50*

*Booking fees apply to telephone and online bookings

Dickie Rock and the Spotlight Showband Years


New Spotlight, the iconic showband magazine that at its peak in the 1960’s, was selling 60,000 a week. Now New Spotlight is back!


The New Spotlight Showband show takes to the stage with the legendary showband king Dickie Rock and very special guests.


This will be the first showband show with proper production values including “Stepback to the 60’s – The Showband Years” on the big screen.


Dickie, the only major showband star of the 60’s still touring, will be joined by a host of guests including Linda Martin (Chips), John Farrell (The Dreams), Sandie Jones, Karen Black (Nevada) and the 9 piece Sugarcubes show band.

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