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Sarah Millican – Control Enthusiast – SOLD OUT

This show is sold out

Date: Wednesday, 12th September, 2018
Time: 8pm
Tickets: €30*


*Booking fees apply to telephone and online bookings



This show is SOLD OUT!

Sarah Millican is not a control freak, she’s a control enthusiast. She even controls her own insults, see?

Do you arrange the nights out? Are you in charge of passports on holiday? Then so are you!

Whether you’re sorting the tickets for this show or turning up when you’re told to, welcome. You’ll learn about Rescue Men, farting in hospital pants, what can happen at a bra fitting, the benefits of casserole, plus tips on how to talk to shop assistants and the correct way to eat a biscuit.

Funny, frank and unapologetically filthy.


  • Sold out Seated places

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