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Date: Thursday 8th March 2018
Time: 9.30am-6pm
Tickets: €50*

*Booking fees apply to telephone and online bookings


Cork University Business School

Conference 2018

The Workforce of the Future


Following the success of the inaugural Cork University Business School (CUBS) Conference in 2017, CUBS is pleased to announce details of its 2018 conference, titled ‘Workforce of the Future’. Taking place on Thursday, March 8th in Cork Opera House, Ireland’s largest student led conference will challenge and explore our changing workforce, with a number of expert guest speakers and panellists from the spheres of business, finance and technology sharing their insights on the topic.


Speakers will include:

Siobhan Talbot, Group Managing Director, Glanbia

Dragon’s Den investor Barry O’Sullivan, CEO and Co-Founder of AltoCloud,

Founder of Boutique Bake, Catherine Buggy,

Yvonne Frost, Head of People Organisations at Poppulo,

Michelle O’Donovan, CEO of TAPSTAK;,

DC Cahalane, CEO and Co-founder of Republic of Work

Kevin O’Leary, CEO of Qumas

With more speakers to be announced.


Digital technology is having a profound effect on the 21st century workplace. It is changing the way we work, the way we manage, where we work, how we organize, and how we communicate. Fundamentally, how we work in the future will be more networked, more mobile, more team- based, more project-based, and more flexible. The test will be to ensure it is not more complex or unmanageable.


Hear our Industry speakers discuss the drivers and challenges for the workforce of the future.


Cork University Business School offers a broad range of undergraduate, postgraduate and post experience programmes which are developed for those looking for high quality business education, knowledge and research. The extensive range of business degrees currently provided reflects a response to both student and market demands and is as a result of extensive collaboration with past graduates and businesses in both the local and national economy.


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