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Feist - SFSH 2023- OVER 18S

Sounds From a Safe Harbour is thrilled to invite Canadian singer- songwriter Leslie Feist back to Cork to present songs from her new record Multitudes.
Thursday, 7 September
Tickets €45

Multitudes affirms Feist’s ability to construct elaborate sonic worlds by following her singular song writing to its most poetic yet unbridled expression - it is a boundary-pushing collaboration conceived by Feist and Robbie Lackritz and developed with artist/filmmaker Colby Richardson, artist Heather Goodchild and Artistic Producer Mary Hickson. 

Multitudes live show emerged in part from a certain dismantling of egoic pride that occurred in the aftermath of deeply transformative events in her personal life, with Feist noting that through birth and death “There’s an arrival of a new sense of time as finite, time as precious, time as how are we going to spend it with one another?” And while that dismantling led to the many moments of painful realization threading throughout her new album, Feist’s latest body of work ultimately radiates an ineffable hope—an element encapsulated in the radical empathy and optimism of Multitudes’ closing lines, from the exquisitely tender “Song For Sad Friends”: “Well, things are bad, my friends/And you feel exactly the way/That proves the mettle of your heart /That won’t be undermined/By the overwhelming times/Holding out but not holding in/And it’s from here, we can really begin.”

“The record is a career highlight from an accomplished artist producing luscious, storytelling music from experiences so foundational that they defy neat narrative.” The Guardian, ★★★★

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Cork Opera House
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07/09/2023 20:00