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Harry Hill
Harry Hill


Aiken Promotions and Cork Opera House


Harry Hill: Pedigree Fun!



Friday January 27, 2023
Tickets €36 Tickets €36 (plus restoration levy and booking fee)
Harry Hill: Pedigree Fun!
Agile as a tapir! Cunning as an ant! The self-styled super varmint returns!
Harry is back with brand-new amazing jokes in an all-singing, all-dancing one-man
“I hadn’t realised how much I missed performing live until lockdown stopped me from
doing it,” says Harry, “It’s great to be going back on stage and the good news is I am
planning a very silly show.”
Audiences will meet Harry’s new baby elephant, Sarah, and Ian, The Information
Harry will also be joined by Stouffer the Cat (his famous sidekick) who commented
“what can I tell you? When Harry calls you say yes – end of!”
‘Genius’ - The Times
‘Genius’ - The Daily Mirror

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