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Nanny Nellie’s Panto Telly
Nanny Nellie’s Panto Telly
The absolutely fabulous Nanny Nellie takes a trip down memory lane with her brand new online show, Nanny Nellie’s Panto Telly

**Extra dates added due to demand**

22nd December 2020 - 8th January 2021

2pm, 5pm & 7pm
€10* (Tickets on sale via Dice FM)

Doo doo doo! The absolutely fabulous Nanny Nellie is back with a brand new show, Nanny Nellie's Panto Telly. Oh yes she is!

Nanny Nellie’s Panto Telly will take a nostalgic look back at the Cork Opera House Panto; taking audiences on a magical (and at times hilarious!) trip down memory lane using recorded footage from the last five years. Running online this December, this is sure to bring some much-needed joy to families and panto lovers of all ages this Christmas!
Filled with panto highlights from the past few years. Nanny Nellie will regale you with the stories behind some of her favourite scenes while sharing a few new gags along the way.

Enjoy a treasured tradition from the comfort of your own home this Christmas. With magical stories, comedy caper and wonderful memories, be sure to tune in to Nanny Nellie’s Panto Telly - it’s the perfect panto treat for the whole family to enjoy together.

Written by Frank Mackey & Trevor Ryan
Directed by Trevor Ryan

*Tickets subject to a service charge of €1.30

Don't worry Nanny has plenty of tickets to go around just follow the link below to grab some!

Tickets for the stream will be available exclusively via Dice.FM.

Performance Schedule

Tuesday 22 December, 2pm
Tuesday 22 December, 5pm
Tuesday 22nd December, 7pm
Wednesday 23 December, 2pm
Wednesday 23 December, 5pm
Wednesday 23 December, 7pm
Thursday 24 December, 2pm
Thursday 24 December, 5pm
Thursday 24 December, 7pm
Friday 25 December, 2pm
Friday 25 December, 5pm
Friday 25 December, 7pm
Saturday 26 December, 2pm
Saturday 26 December, 5pm
Saturday 26 December, 7pm
Sunday 27 December, 2pm
Sunday 27 December, 5pm
Sunday 27 December, 7pm
Monday 28 December, 2pm
Monday 28 December, 5pm
Monday 28 December, 7pm
Tuesday 29 December, 2pm
Tuesday 29 December, 5pm
Tuesday 29 December, 7pm
Wednesday 30 December, 2pm
Wednesday 30 December, 5pm
Wednesday 30 December, 7pm
Thursday 31 December, 2pm
Thursday 31 December, 5pm
Thursday 31 December, 7pm
Friday 1 January, 2pm
Friday 1 January, 5pm
Friday 1 January, 7pm
Saturday 2 January, 2pm
 Saturday 2 January, 5pm
Saturday 2 January, 7pm
Sunday 3 January, 2pm
Sunday 3 January, 5pm
Sunday 3 January, 7pm
Monday 4 January, 2pm
 Monday 4 January, 5pm
Monday 4 January, 7pm
Tuesday 5 January, 2pm
Tuesday 5 January, 5pm
Tuesday 5 January, 7pm
Wednesday 6 January, 2pm
Wednesday 6 January, 5pm
Wednesday 6 January, 7pm
Thursday 7 January, 2pm
Thursday 7 January, 5pm
Thursday 7 January, 7pm
Friday 8 January, 2pm
Friday 8 January, 5pm
Friday 8 January, 7pm

Tickets can be purchased via web or the DICE app. We’d recommend that you download the DICE app here.
If you’re new to DICE then you’ll need to register, providing your Full Name, Email and Mobile Number.
You’ll be sent a Verification Code, via SMS, to make sure the mobile number you have provided is valid.*
Once registered, simply click ‘Book Now’, select your ticket type and hit ‘Check Out’ to pay
Once the stream is due to start a unique 4 digit code will appear on your ticket 15 minutes before the stream is about to start. Visit on the device you’d like to use, then enter your phone number and the code to access the video.
Hit play and you’re good to go. 
If you have an further queries or require assistance , please email

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