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Ross Browne
Ross Browne
Ross Browne with his hilarious brand spanking new show, “Bojangle”.
Friday 1 March 2019.

Sit back and enjoy the tragedy of a man struggling to cope with the world around him. If life was a party, he’d be the guy who doesn’t know anyone and forgot to bring his own drink. Physically out of step, mentally off balance and instinctively at odds with everything around him. Whether it’s responsibilities, parenting, marriage, death, losing the ability to dance, or coming to terms with a body that feels like a melting candle; Ross shines a comedy torch on the world and brings light to any situation. Life is a pratfall and his is in mid-air.

Ross is a juggernaut of a performer with hysterically sharp material and a clown’s bones.

*Tickets may be subject to booking fees.

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