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The Cork Proms – Diva
The Cork Proms – Diva
Cork Opera House and PwC present The Cork Proms - Diva, in association with Cork Midsummer Festival.
Sunday 23 June 2019


This summer Cork Opera House, together with PwC will present the inaugural The Cork Proms as part of Cork Midsummer Festival.

The Cork Proms will comprise of three successive concerts featuring the celebrated Cork Opera House Concert Orchestra (COHCO) and a host of special local, national and international guests. The Cork Proms is a celebration of music, of Summer, and of Cork. Curated by Director Wayne Jordan (The Wizard of Oz, ProdiJIG: The Revolution) and renowned conductor, John O Brien and produced by Cork Opera House, The Cork Proms are a celebration of music in Cork, for the people of Cork.

DIVA will feature a homage to the worlds of pop, rock and soul music with performances by Cork singing royalty Majella Cullagh, Kim Sheehan, Laoise Leahy, Karen Underwood and Camila Grieshel. Audiences can expect a night of musical fireworks, as the series closes with an electrifying take on classics from David Bowie and Queen to Leonard Cohen.

Speaking about the proms, Cork Opera House CEO Eibhlin Gleeson says:
"The Cork Proms is an incredible opportunity to create a very special event on Cork's annual musical calendar. We are very lucky to have access to an enormous wealth of home-grown talent, orchestral players, musicians, vocalists and creatives in Cork. The Cork Proms will harness all of this in one place over three nights. The Cork Opera House Concert Orchestra was established in 2015 and since then has presented a number of magnificent evenings on the Opera House stage. The Cork Proms is a new platform for the orchestra to shine, to celebrate what we're made of musically and to treat the people of this region to concerts that are truly of an international standard. We look forward to welcoming you all"

Curator Wayne Jordan added:
I am so excited to be returning to the Cork Opera House this summer for The Cork Proms. It will be a great privilege to work with phenomenal Cork Opera House Concert Orchestra in a series of events that will show off the orchestra's virtuosity, its colour and character. We will be bringing together a group of the finest singers in Cork for a pyrotechnic line-up of Cork’ favourite singers in a concert that celebrates popular song in an exciting and thrilling night at the theatre. And in this enterprise I will be joined by the indomitable John O'Brien.

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