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The New Power Generation - STRICTLY OVER 18's
The New Power Generation - STRICTLY OVER 18's


The New Power Generation come to Cork Opera House for the Cork Jazz Festival.
Saturday October 29th 2022

  • Jazz Festival
  • Admission By Valld Ticket Only

  • 7.00pm
    The New Power Generation, also known as the NPG, is the name of a group of musicians who
    accompanied Prince from 1990 till 2013. Prince officially introduced them during his « Nude Tour »
    in 1990, and they first appeared on record (as “Prince & The New Power Generation”) with the
    release of the 1991 album « Diamonds & Pearls », which was one of Prince’s biggest successes,
    both critically and commercially.
    During two decades the NPG accompanied Prince (with a line-up that changed several times over the
    years), they played all over the world and became one of the most admired backing bands.
    Following the acclaim from the October 2016 “Official Prince Tribute Concert” in Minnesota, the
    NPG decided to reunite to perform under the banner “Celebrating Prince”, celebrating the musical
    genius of their former boss. The band’s musical director is none other than Morris Hayes, who of all
    the musicians who worked with Prince is the one who worked with Prince for the longest time, not
    only as the NPG’s band leader, but also fulfilling production duties, like on Prince’s album “Welcome
    2 America”, released last Summer by Sony Music. The lead vocal duties are taken care of by an
    amazingly talented singer named MacKenzie, who is accompanied by the NPG’s original rapper Tony
    The band also includes NPG alumni Sonny Thompson on bass, Mike Scott on lead guitar, and Keith
    Anderson (of the NPG Hornz) on saxophone. They are accompanied on drums by Chaka Khan
    drummer Chris Bailey.
    Having been part of Prince’s incredible legacy, The New Power Generation considers it their mission
    to keep Prince’s music alive to share, enjoy and celebrate with music lovers all over the world. Like
    Prince used to say, the NPG stands for “Real music by real musicians”.
    *Tickets may be subject to a booking fee.

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