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The Two Norries 2023
The Two Norries 2023


The Two Norries are back at Cork Opera House this August as part of the Cork Podcast Festival!

The Two Norries
Tuesday, 22 August


Following their second SOLD OUT live show at Cork Opera House earlier this year, The Two Norries are back as part of the Cork Podcast Festival.

In Cork people from the northside of the city are known locally as ‘Norries’. James and Timmy are both from the northside of Cork city and their podcast covers themes across the social and health sphere with a particular focus on addiction, drug use, crime and recovery. Guests include people’s personal stories of overcoming adversity as well as professionals’ perspective on issues discussed in the podcast. The podcast is designed to be informative, sensitive and educational while having a laugh in the process. Tough issues are spoken about and explained with sensitivity and humour with the hope of reducing stigma and stereotypes.





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