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The Wonderism Festival : Art(y) Part(y)
The Wonderism Festival : Art(y) Part(y)

The Wonderism Festival: A Cork Opera HouseCreating Together Production in Association with the Department of Theatre,UCC.


Art(y) Part(y) | FREE EVENT | All Ages
Art(y) Part(y) is an immersive visual arts installation that brings together the work of both local and regional emerging artists and children from Cork primary schools to present a colourful, collaborative celebration of childhood and wonder.

Unleash your curiosity by setting foot into the magically transformed foyer of the Cork Opera House and witness an explosion of imaginative creativity by Cork artists. This event aims to facilitate an experience that connects multiple generations by curating an inviting and safe space for the celebration of art.

This event will exhibit artworks from the students of four Cork City primary schools chosen based on their geographical proximity to Cork Opera House and located North, East, South and West of the River Lee. Their art will be exhibited alongside the work of local emerging artists.

This all-day event is free and open to the public.


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