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The Wonderism Festival : Behind The Curtain
The Wonderism Festival : Behind The Curtain

The Wonderism Festival: A Cork Opera House Creating Together Production in Association with the Department of Theatre, UCC.

Behind The Curtain | Tickets €3 / €5 | Age 5+


Behind The Curtain is an exclusive, site-specific and immersive storytelling experience that highlights the magic and wonder of childhood. Hosted behind-the-scenes in the dressing rooms of Cork Opera House, these bitesize performances capture stories with themes of fantasy, magic, dreams, and memories.

Performed as monologues, this three-part event is staged in the dressing rooms, magically transformed by a local artist.

Each part of this three-part event is 15 minutes in duration and runs from 2.30pm-5.30pm on Thursday March 30th 2023 at Cork Opera House. This storytelling experience is for those growing up and for grown-ups too!

Only 40 tickets available for this behind the scenes adventure.

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