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Date: Tuesday, 4th July 2017
Time: 8pm
Tickets: €35*

*Booking fees apply to telephone and online bookings

Future Islands
presented by Aiken Promotions

support from SACRED PAWS
winners of the Scottish Album of the Year Award


On September 9th, 2009, Future Islands played their first Irish headline show, performing to 14 people in the upstairs room of Whelan’s in Dublin. They had previously opened for their friend Dan Deacon for a couple of shows in Andrew’s Lane Theatre earlier that year. Deacon was keen to introduce his fellow Baltimore inhabitants and mutual members of the Wham City arts collective to the cities of Europe. That night in September though, those 14 people in Whelan’s saw a band play with an intensity and a sense of purpose not necessarily associated with a sparsely populated upstairs room on a damp Wednesday night on Wexford Street. That’s the thing about Future Islands. Every show is their last. Every second is a heartbeat.


Dan Deacon was right. Baltimore’s secret was out. Future Islands became your new favourite band. And they came back to Dublin. Selling out the Workman’s Club, and then the main room in Whelan’s, with more of the same sweaty devotion-to-the-moment synth-pop beauty from Samuel Herring (voice), William Cashion (bass, guitars) and Gerrit Welmers (keyboards, programming, guitars).


And then in 2014… everything kind of erupted. On March 3rd Future Islands sent David Letterman into hysterics after a live performance of a shimmering piece of balladic synth-pop called Seasons on The Late Show. Herring prowled the stage like an over-the-edge yoga-instructor, his vocals descending into an actual death-metal growl. And, suddenly, after three albums, many EPs, seven inches, thousands of tiny clubs and eight years of healthy cult-level adoration, the outside world met Future Islands. The album Singles was just that, a collection of singles, pop songs, each one imbued with passion, melody and romance. Future Islands were a pop band. Still DIY and punk-as-fuck, but a pop band at heart. Always were.


And they toured again and slayed as they always do, just in much bigger venues. They came back to Dublin, instantly selling 3,000 tickets over two nights in Vicar Street in November 2014. And then they stopped and disappeared again. And now they’re coming back. To Iveagh Gardens in Dublin and they’re Cork debut at the Cork opera House on July 4th.




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