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Take Your Seat

Take Your Seat is an ideal way to commemorate an anniversary, give as gift to someone special, to honour a loved one who was fond of the theatre, or to simply show your support and love for Cork Opera House!

Enquire about seat availability today!
Or call +353 21 427 0022 for more information.


Dedicate a seat in honour of a loved one

In exchange for your support we will place a commemorative plaque on a seat of your choosing in the auditorium. You can personalise the text on the plaque with a message, quote or dedication.

In recognition, your name will be added to the list below with all our loyal supporters. You will also receive a commemorative certificate with your seat number(s) and name.

Take Your Seat is also a perfect opportunity for a business or any organisation that would like to sponsor a seat to develop their brand affiliation with the arts. We can now offer our sponsors larger, more prominent plaques, featuring optional logos and graphics.

2sample plaques

Sample designs

Previous dedications

This Seat is Sponsored by Port Of Cork
Statio Bene Fida Carinis

Garry & Anne Horgan
“Always a drama!”

Justin & Monica Monaghan
“The Firefighter of the Opera House Fire in 1955 &
the lady who kept the fire in his heart burning”


Take one Seat – €299
(€250 for Friends of Cork Opera House)

Take a pair of Seats – €499
(€450 for Friends of Cork Opera House)

Tax relief

Full tax relief is available for our Take Your Seat scheme under the provisions of Section 848A Taxes Consolidation Act 1997. Cork Opera House is a registered charity no 17029.

When you are signing up we can guide you through this process. For example a self assessed individual on 41% rate donating €499 wil have a net cost of €294.41.


Take Your Seat and receive a commemorative certificate.

Enquire about seat availability today!
Or call +353 21 427 0022 for more information.

Loyal list



We now offer bigger & more prominent plaques!