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Cookie Policy

CORK OPERA HOUSE respects the privacy of all visitors to our website. This Cookie Policy outlines our policy concerning the use of cookies on

We may update our Cookie Policy from time to time to reflect any changes in technology or legislation which may affect the way in which cookies are used by us and how you as a user, can manage them.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files sent from a website and stored in the user’s web browser while user is browsing a website.
When users visit the same website again, the browser sends cookies back to the website allowing the website to recognise the user and remember things like personalised details or preferences.

More information about cookies and details of how to manage or disable them can be found on

Please note that if you choose to opt-out of receiving cookies, you may lose some features and / or functionality of CORK OPERA, for example – you won’t be able to sign-in to CORK OPERA HOUSE or use the shopping cart in CORK OPERA HOUSE Shop.
Which cookies does CORK OPERA HOUSE use?
When you use the CORK OPERA website the following types of cookies can be set on your device:
Strictly necessary cookies
These cookies enable services you have specifically asked for.
Some examples of these cookies include:

  • Identifying you as being signed in to CORK OPERA HOUSE and keeping you logged in throughout your visit
  • Remembering the content of your shopping cart while browsing CORK OPERA HOUSE Shop

These cookies don’t usually contain any personally identifiable information and are typically set by CORK OPERA HOUSE or partners chosen by CORK OPERA HOUSE to provide specific services such as online ticket processing.

Performance cookies
These cookies are used to collect statistical information about visitors of the website and the pages they view.
These cookies don’t collect information that identifies a visitor. All information these cookies collect is aggregated and used anonymously. We use these cookies to understand what content is popular which helps us to improve our website.

Some examples of services that use these type of cookies include Google Analytics.

For more information on how to manage cookies, including opt-out of performance cookies please visit:

Functional cookies
These cookies allow the website to remember choices you make and provide enhanced and more personal features.
Some examples of such features include:

  • Remembering your preferences and settings such as redirect to mobile version of the site when you are browsing with a smart phone
  • Remembering your favourites and video bookmarks when using CORK OPERA HOUSE Player
  • Remembering when you’ve voted in a poll or rated a film review so that you don’t do this more than once during your visit.

If you have an CORK OPERA HOUSE account, a cookie on your computer lets us remember your user name and email address so you don’t have to enter it again when you are commenting or writing a review.
Other examples of services that use these type of cookies include WordPress.
For more information on how to manage cookies, including opting-out of functional cookies please visit: