Customer Service Policy

Customer Service Policy

Welcome to Cork Opera House. You’re here to enjoy yourself!

Our staff are here to help, any direction from them is for the wellbeing of all patrons. Remember that you could be sharing this space with over 1,000 people who are all here to enjoy the event too.

Please note:

  • Cork Opera House has zero tolerance for abusive behaviour towards our staff.
  • If you behave in a rude, intimidating or violent manner towards our staff or to other patrons then you will be asked to leave, without refund of ticket price.
  • Disruptive behaviour which interferes with the enjoyment of an event by others will not be tolerated.
  • Serious breaches of this policy will also result in a patron being barred from the premises.
  • The application of this policy is enforceable by the Duty Manager and any persons acting under instruction of the Duty Manager.

CCTV cameras are in operation throughout the building and are used to ensure the safety of patrons and staff.

Cork Opera House operates the following policies for the benefit and enjoyment of all its patrons

  • Smoking and the use of e – cigarettes is prohibited in the theatre.
  • We ask that all mobile phones and electronic paging devices be turned off during performances.
  • Flash Photography and Video recording is prohibited.
  • Late comers may not be admitted depending on the production guidelines and late admittance is at the discretion of the manager on duty. Late admittance will only take place at a suitable break in the performance and late comers may be seated in an area of the auditorium as directed by management.
  • Food or drink in the auditorium is permitted at the discretion of the promoter and manager however we ask our patrons to please refrain from consuming food or drink during the performance. Food and drink not purchased from the premises is prohibited.

We ask that all patrons respect those around them. Please keep movement and speech to a minimum. We request that parents ensure their children are not a disturbance to other patrons. Cork Opera House is dedicated to the highest of entertainment values and we thank you for your cooperation in these matters.