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Camilla Griehsel’s Mamasongue


Camilla Griehsel’s Mamasongue

Sun 12 May, 5pm

Camilla Griehsel brings a celebration of songs from distant lands to Cork Opera House in 2024.


Mamasongue is a celebration of songs from distant lands, and just around the corner, brought to the stage by Camilla Griehsel, one of Ireland’s most versatile and passionate singers. Camilla sings songs from around the world that transcend the constraints of culture, time and place to show that a song’s true meaning can be deeply felt, regardless of its language.

“I am drawn to the universal emotions in performance,” says Camilla. “As we travel from culture to culture, we’ll find parallels in the way music resolves into nurture, love and joy from keening laments to the comfort of a lullaby. From a mother’s tongue comes the primordial language of song beyond words.”

During the show, Camilla sings of love, loss and longing, passion, desire and joy. She reaches out and reminds us of the undeniable connection between us all.

Camilla Griehsel, born in Sweden, has over thirty years professional experience from pop recording artist to avant-garde opera, from traditional jazz to South American folk. She is dedicated to bringing people together and connecting hearts through the power and universality of song. Backed by world-class musicians, Congolese guitarist Niwel Tsumbo, South African Bassist Concord Nkabinde, Irish Percussionist Éamonn Cagney and Johnny Taylor of the Johnny Taylor Trio.

Tickets: €28*

*Booking Fees May Apply

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Camilla Griehsel’s Mamasongue